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Sarah n Soul

Sarah N ‘Soul is a duo formed in 2010, consists of: Sarah — Vocals & Harmonica and Nissan Fortz as a composer for the musical Sarah N’ Soul. Sarah N ‘Soul is a long pent-up desire from both of us. May this be something interesting to enjoy.

Sarah N’ Soul is a collision of Nissan’s Blues upbringing and Rag Time (guitar) and Sarah’s R&B influence and Soul background. Together they found music at it’s simplest form, accoustic and voice. With the addition of harmonic, Sarah N’ Soul pulls the listener back to a time where music was sincere and honest. Simplicity is key with this music!

Nissan and Sarah met at event in Bandung. They began playing songs together to meet the demands of that shows, but later took on the name “Sarah N’ Soul” to put an identity to their distinct writing style !

Sarah – Vocals & Harmonica
Nissan Fortz – Guitar