The story so far, we’re the people who like to dance whenever the music playing, born in Bandung, Indonesia. P.S.Y.C.H is an abridgment of POLYPHONIC SYNDICATE OF YOUNG CREATURE HABITS. The Syndicate of Youth Spirit. Music and Lyric are our biggest weapon. To break those “Young Creature Habits” whom mentally poluted. To speak loud and to gather people and unite the sounds of Universe, until we achieved our individual freedom, and to manifest our aspiration by music and lyric, is our way to fight against “The System”. To be perfectly human, as a whole human.

With Peace.

Zidah Noerwenda – Vocals
Bayu Rengga – Bass
Rizki Parada – Guitars
Adyatama Tyo – Guitars
Dwi Putra Nugroho -Drums