Good Morning Breakfast

Good Morning Breakfast, which was born at 2009 in Cirebon, reminds us the glory of Britpop scene era. By doing both combining and repackaging the sounds of 90s Britpop bands, Good Morning Breakfast also provides a more complex themes on their songs, such as the A and B sides stories of life, themes about universe, other unordinary unique conversations, and also by picking a more generic theme about dilemmatic stories of love and harmony, yet with a more simple and explicit content.

Good Morning Breakfast are:
Palpov Kinski (Vocals)
Ismet Hafiz Alim (Bass)
Raden Rully Purnomo (Keys, Synths & Glockenspiel)
Bambang Adhitya (Guitar, Harmonica & Lapsteel)
Muhammad ‘Kidz’ Rizky  (Guitar)
Lovely Inna (Drums & Percussions)