Alvin & I

Alvin & I are an indie folk experimental band which formed in Bandung, Indonesia, in February 2013. The band consist of Alvin Baskoro (Vocal, Guitar), Regina Gabri- ela (Vocal), Andri Cahyaningtyas (Vocal, Pianica), Rafdhi Anzalfi (Lead Guitar), Gonzaga Sidharta (Bass), Surya Fikri Asshidiq (Floor Tom Drum), Daniel Krishna- vy (Glockenspiel, Karinding), and Rizal Huesin (Angklung, Flute). Former cajon player, Arya Dibi left the band in early 2014. Their songs are mostly about life and personal point-of-view, wrapped in traditional yet contemporary instruments and three different vocals.

Alvin Baskoro – Vocals
Regina Seraphina Gabriela – Vocals
Andri Cahyaningtyas – Vocals & Pianika
Rafdhi Anzalfi – Lead Guitar
Gonzaga Sidharta – Bass
Surya Fikri Asshidiq – Floor Tom Dram
Daniel Krishnavy – Karinding & Glockenspiel
Rizal Husein – Suling & Angklung